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Outsole and midsole integrally formed in the hot mold

By using the hot melt adhesive film EH-933B to integrate rubber and EVA foam in the hot mold once.

For traditional shoes making process, outsole (RB) and midsole (EVA foam) they have to be vulcanized and molded in advance individually. Then assemble these two on assembling line by conventional adhesive, such as solvent or water based PU sole glue.

For this process, we develop the newest hot melt adhesive film #933. It uses the heat which is producing by the process when raw rubber vulcanized in the heating mold to activate the hot melt adhesive film. At the same time we place EVA form in the same mold to integrate rubber and EVA foam together, in the meantime they have been bonded together

This new operating procedure will save a lot of manpower, energy and producing processes.