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301 SP-301 PVC Floor Adhesive
  • 301 SP-301 PVC Floor Adhesive
  • 301 SP-301 PVC Floor Adhesive
  • 301 SP-301 PVC Floor Adhesive
  • 301 SP-301 PVC Floor Adhesive

301 SP-301 PVC Floor Adhesive


is a multi-purpose water-based floor adhesive of highest quality and is specially formulated to provide the maximum water -resistance and adhesive along with ease of application. Can be used on a widely variety of substrates.



1.  Excellent water-resistance; test slab of PVC floor adhering cement remanded tightly after dipping in water for 30 days.
2.  Formulated of water-based resin. Non-flammable and no harm or danger when applying.
3.  Strong permanent adhesion.
4.  Good coverage (for low density) reduce cost.
5.  Drying time; adhesive open time is 10-30 minutes. However, lower temperature may require longer drying time.



All kinds of PVC tile、 EVA-back tile、 sponge rubber, jute or needle-punched carpet over surfaces such as felt、 plywood、 particle board or concrete. We recommend pre-installation test with new and unusual backing materials. 



1.    Component : Acrylic resin
2.     Appearance: Milky white liquid
3.     VISCOSITY : 25000~30000 C.P.S. (25ºC)
4      PH : 5.3~5.5
5      N.V. : 59 ±%1


Operating persedure:

1.  Clean floor of alkali、oil、grease、dust and wax before opening container.
2.  Evenly apply adhesive to the floor, using the proper notched trowel.
3.  Lower the floor covering onto the floor within 30 minutes.
4.  Press in place firmly when the floor covering is properly positioned.
5.  Check if the adhesive is transferring to the floor covering by lifting a corner. If not, apply additional adhesive. 


1.  “Legs”form after adhesive spread and dried in 5-10 minutes. “Legs”form if you place fingers on adhesive, then pull away and the adhesive strings stick to the fingers.
2.  It’s the right time to place the tile or carpet on the adhesive once the “legs” developed.

EXPIRY DATE: 12 months


PACKING: 15 kg/plastic barrel ( with PE bag )