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FL-25 Super Adhesive (General purpose)
  • FL-25 Super Adhesive (General purpose)

FL-25 Super Adhesive (General purpose)

FL-25 is oleoresin adhesive for joint connections.
Compare with other types of adhesions, it has better quality and wider user range.
It can be used in a variety of manufacturing applications such as shoes, furniture, upholstery, shipbuilding and the like because of its moderate adhesion and ease of handling.

1. Long adhesion consistency.
2. Strong adhesion upon early stage.
3. Water, climate and bending resistance.
4. Easy to handle.

Fit With: PVC floor tile, rubber floor tile, all kinds of carpet.

Ground: Stair or outdoor applying.

Operation: Apply glue to both ground and PVC tile, let dry at least 10 min. then lay on PVC tile to the ground

1. Appearance: Light yellow
2. Component: Chlororene grafted copolymer
3. N.V.: 22±1%
4. Viscosity (25°C): 3000~3500 cps.

Shelf life: 6 months

Packing: 15kg per Tin