Transfer Film (printable film) for Injet printer
Transfer film for inkjet printer use
As there comes the digital age, traditional industries like footwear manufacturers, ready-to-wear manufacturers, sports equipment companies, bags manufacturers and trademark printing industries follow and step into the digital printing world. In the past, the printing methods which were direct against the materials like fabrics and leather are nothing more than screen printing and sublimation transfer printing. But the qualities of these printing methods have their limits ex. Unable to be colorful and bad stretch ability.
Therefore our company develops a series of heat transfer films to cater for the needs of these industries. All you have to do is using digital printer and print on the film then transfer photo paper or trademark on the materials that you want to stick on. This way you will still have the primal stretch ability and elasticity of your materials. Further more, if you use high quality ink it can also be weather-resisting and washable.
 Applicable Industry: Footwear Manufacturer, Ready-to-wears Manufacturer, trademark printing industry.


W-265 Operation Procedure

1.      W-265: white, Heat transferable film for ink-jet print Thickness:0.06~0.07mm
·             Applicable to digital printer, large-scale printer
·             Only applicable for oil-based ink or environmental friendly ink
·             Soft, great elasticity and tough
·             Applicable to transfer on cloth(including cotton) and synthetic leather
·             Washable
·             Must use transfer foils
·             Heat transfer at 130℃~150 × 20~30sec press 3kg/cm2




C-102 Operation Procedure


2.      C-102:mat, Heat transferable film Thickness:0.02mm
·             Applicable to digital printer and coating with mirror-like spray
·             Directly heat transfer the coating side of the material
·             Applicable for environmental friendly ink
·             Extremely soft with great elasticity
·             Applicable to synthetic leather
·             Heat transfer at 130℃~150℃ × 20~30sec press 3kg/cm2
3.      W-208: white, for high frequency only. Thickness:0.08~0.1mm
·             Applicable to digital printing
·             Only applicable to high frequency heating transfer
·             Applicable to environment friendly ink
·             Soft, good elasticity and tough
4.      C-272: Thickness: 0.12mm
·             Wear-resisting
·             Soft, good elasticity and well bend resisting
·             Applicable to transfer on artificial leather
·             Applicable to digital printing
·             Heat transfer at 130℃~150℃ × 20~30sec press 3kg/cm2