Hot Melt Adhesive Film (No Sew process) Operation Guidance
PU Hot Melt Adhesive Film (No Sew) Application
 (for general specs’film)
  1. Cut the hot melt adhesive film with release paper in advance to be the proper shape to match the substrates .
  2.  Place the substrate on the plate of heat transferring device, bonding face up.
  3.  Put the hot melt adhesive film on the substrate with film side down.
  4. Preheating with the condition 130 -150 ℃*1-2 sec*3kg/cm2, then peel off the release paper.
  5. Place on another substrate need to be bonded, hot press them together with the condition : 130-150 ℃*25-30 sec*3kg/cm2
1.The conditions of hot press process should be adjusted according to the thickness of substrates or hot melt adhesive film , i e, thicker materials need longer time or higher pressure as well as hot melt adhesive film need.
2.For specific request from customers, the hot melt adhesive film need specific properties . Accordingly the application conditions will be different.