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Hot melt adhesive film:

The hot melt adhesive is made into a thin film, which can be bonded by hot pressing. It can be used in (No Sew) seamless process.

Environmental Protection: No Organic Solvents.
Economy: saving labor, energy and working hours.
Effectiveness: Quantification (fixed thickness) to make the film evenly covered. So that the follow-up is stable, no glue spill.

We manufacture hot melt films of various materials such as EVA, PU, PA, Poe base film, etc.
Packaging specifications: based on 0.04 mm multiple: 0.04 mm, 0.08 mm, 0.12 mm, 0.16 mm...

CH Series: PU film, suitable for cloth, soft and hard PVC, wood, TPU skin.
EH Series: EVA film, suitable for rubber, EVA foam, cloth, metal.
PH series: POLY film, suitable for cloth.

 For details, please refer to the specification sheet.